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Brain area tied to emotions is larger in vets, service members with mild TBI and PTSD

A new study finds that veterans and active-duty service members with combat-related PTSD and mild traumatic brain injury had larger amygdalas — the region of the brain that processes such emotions as fear, anxiety, and aggression — than those with only brain injuries. Read More.

Mental Health Month: Support Military Veterans This May

Get inspired during Mental Health Month. Learn how other Veterans have taken the first step toward recovery. Read More.

Equine Therapy: Helping Me Heal From PTSD

Last week I started my PTSD therapy with horses at a local ranch. I’m an EMT of 18 yrs and have severe PTSD due to my work. Initially, I was really nervous about starting this type of therapy. I’ve tried therapy a handful of times and always quit because…Read More.

Equine Assisted Therapy: A Unique and Effective Intervention

Equine therapy alleviates multiple emotional and behavioral struggles. Read More.

PTSD and Marriage: 5 Things Spouses Need to Know

​You never invited PTSD to be a part of your marriage. But there it is anyway, making everything harder. Read More.

Suicides among active-duty soldiers are up about 20 percent

While active-duty reports are up, totals including the National Guard and Reserve were down in 2018. ​Read More.

Risk of dementia increased among female veterans with TBI, PTSD, depression

Female military veterans who have traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder or depression long after their service may be more likely to later develop dementia than female veterans without those conditions, according to a study published in the December 12, 2018, online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Read More.

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