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Our Horses


  • 13 yr. old OTTB gelding.
  • Tried and true Warhorse with 101 races under their belt.
  • Left the track in 2018.
  • Joined Pennsylvania Warhorse in early July 2021 through Penn National’s New Start Program after rehabbing at a farm in Maryland.

All the racing left Nebikon with a slightly fused left ankle.

He rides English and Western, and  appeared in a short film “Lone Rider” which will be making the rounds of the film festival circuit later this year.

Nebikon is not available for adoption.


  • 18 yr. old OTTB gelding.
  • Raced over 40 times and left the track in 2009.
  • Transitioned into a career as an event horse (lots of galloping and jumping).
  • Cricket was donated to PAWH by Heather Dattilo after a fall injured his knees in 2019.

The years of racing and jumping and his fall have led Cricket to have bad knees.

He can no longer safely be ridden, but he is a wonderful companion horse and has a lot to teach us about ourselves.

He’s a favorite with volunteers and those participating in our program.

Cricket is not available for adoption.

Lil’ Red
(Lord Red Peak)

  • 5 yr. old gelding. 
  • Raced 24 times between 2019 and 2021. 
  • Joined Pennsylvania Warhorse in July 2021 through Penn National’s New Start Program. 
  • Retired due to a bowed tendon.

Red continues to grow. He was 15.3H when he joined us and currently stands at 16H. 

His tendon has healed and he has started going back to work

Lil’ Red is available for adoption.


  • Arab/Paint cross mare. 
  • Donated by Billie Sullivan-Highet of Salisbury, NC.

Billie’s husband, Stephen, was at Ft. Indiantown Gap for training in the summer of 2021.  He found out about our program and contacted us to see if we could use her in our program. 

While she’s isn’t a TB, we decided to bring Nadirah into our program. At 15H she is smaller than our TBs. 

Nadirah fits into our program wonderfully. 

Nadirah is not available for adoption.

(Northern Bride)

  • 16 yr. old OTTB mare. 
  • Raced 4 times in 2011, but she wasn’t very fast.

We’re not sure what she was doing until 2017 when her owner had her bred. 

Her owner fell on hard times due to a divorce and was unable to pay fees due the breeder.  The breeder took ownership of Molly and her foal and kept them in a field with other horses until she joined PAWH in December 2020.

Molly has had sporadic training and will continue training. 

Molly is available for adoption.

(unnamed TB filly)

​Lily is Molly’s 5 yr, old daughter.

She isn’t registered with the Jockey Club, but we have the paperwork necessary should someone want to register her.

She came to PAWH in October 2021, joining her mother.

Since joining us, Lily has been saddled and lunges.

Lily will continue training this fall.

Lily is available for adoption.

(Full Fashioned)

  • 14yr. old OTTB. 
  • Came to Pennsylvania Warhorse in April 2022.

We found that she was scheduled to be shipped out for slaughter. We arranged to have her pulled from the slaughter pen. 

We named her Aspercel after a Gray horse in an old Walt Disney film, The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit.

Aspy’s condition was poor due to the neglect she endured. She was under-weight, dirty (her tail was matted) and full of bumps and scrapes.

Because TBs are tattooed, we were able to locate a portion of her history. Her registered name is Full Fashioned, she raced a few times in CA and was a broodmare in 2020.

She has proven to be an asset to our program. While she is still nervous and doesn’t trust easily, she is slowly working her way into our program.